During the formation of the breasts at puberty, occurs a progressive increase in the mammary gland, which is rigid and holds the position of the breast. With the passing of the years, the mammary gland is replaced by fat, which is a more flaccid tissue thus leading to the fall of the breast. Some factors contribute to the downfall breast, such as weight gain and pregnancy.

The exaggerated breast volumes can cause back and neck pain as well as exclusion of sports, and affecting personal hygiene, causing fungi in the mammary groove.


Any patient with a disproportionate increase in the breasts.


The objective of the Mammoplasty is to revert the process through removal of excess skin and fat, repositioning the breast. This way, a more confortable volume is achieved, featuring a new shape, firmer consistency and a more youthful position. You can also obtain breast symmetry in cases where the breasts are different. The techniques vary according to breast size, and the amount of skin that needs to be removed.


The incision will depend on each case, and could end in “T” inverted “I” vertical or periareolar.

Type of anesthesia:

General anesthesia or epidural


It depends on each surgical case.

Time in hospital:

12 to 24 hours depending on each case.