The most common cosmetic complaint of the ears is the ear in Abano or prominent ears. It is the most common malformation of the ear and in its development there is a strong genetic influence.

These features make the lateral portion of the ear seem more remote from the head, becoming more visible and giving the impression of a larger ear.
This plastic surgery procedure can significantly improve a person’s appearance and self esteem.

The main objective of the Otoplasty is to correct those imperfections so that the back of the ear is closer to the head, making the ear less visible when viewed from the front.
We can also find Broken Lobe: very common problem in women, especially through the use of earrings.


Surgery may be performed from 6 years of age, when the ear is more than 85% the size of the ear of an adult and it’s the age of starting school.


In the procedure a retro auricular incision is made, correcting the poor development of anti helix and removing the excess conchal if necessary.


Retro handset, behind the ear, this being imperceptible.

Type of anesthesia:

Local anesthesia with sedation or General anesthesia.


45 minutes to 1 hour.

Time in hospital:

6 to 8 hours