Discover 5 Reasons to choose Santiago as your Plastic Surgery destination

From the point of view of medical tourism and especially plastic surgery, Santiago has so much to offer. 

1. Santiago has an International Airport 

The Cibao International Airport  (STI) connects passengers from all over  the world through airlines such as: AA, Delta, Jet Blue, United, Copa, Continental, Inter Caribbean Airlines, among others.  It is only 7-15 minutes from the main medical centers of the city and it is a quiet and very safe airport.

2. Highly trained and experimented plastic surgeons. 

The city of Santiago has an extensive portfolio of doctors specialized in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, who are mostly graduates of prestigious schools in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina.

3. Modern and safe surgical centers

Santiago has modern and prestigious medical centers. Almost all plastic surgeons operate in General Medical Centers, which meet all the requirements of the Ministry of Health, to ensure the safety and quality of services. 

Having your surgery in Hospital instead of a Plastic Surgery Clinic, ensures a greater availability of specialized resources to assist you in an emergency.

Within the most recognized hospitals of Santiago are:

Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS)
Clínica Corominas
Clínica Doctor Bonilla

4. Special accommodation for post-surgical patients

The rise of plastic surgery in this area of the country has given way to the opening of several “Recovery Houses” for international patients who are going to get a plastic surgery or any kind of medical procedure. These Houses offer the service of lodging with included diets, transport and therapies of massages. The rates are quite attractive, in relation to a conventional hotel.

Recovery house options

-Santiago recovery house 

Hotels options 

For those who prefer to stay in a hotel, the city also offers fairly close options to each of the hospitals: 

Hodelpa Garden Court
Hodelpa Centro Plaza
Hodelpa Gran Almirante
-Hotel Century

5. Personalized plastic surgery

The last of the advantages and the most important of all.  

In a general sense, in the environment of plastic surgery in Santiago, a greater tendency towards quality and a more personalized treatment is perceived. This is because most of our surgeons are focused in providing an optimal treatment adapted to the possibilities and expectations of each patient.  Here you will be treated as a patient, not as a simple number of a list.

“Ginsa” Recovery House

Surgical Centers in Santiago de los Caballeros