The count down to your surgery

The earlier you begin to plan your surgery, the more opportunity you will have to prepare for it and be in optimal conditions. We leave you a guide of milestones that we recommend you to comply with before your plastic surgery.

6-3 months before 

Eat a healthy balanced diet  (protein, iron, nutrients and even fat) your body will need them to recover properly. Skip the booze and don’t go crazy cutting calories. 

Start a moderate workout routine: cardio, yoga, pilates, low weight strength tarining. Avoid aggressive exercises. 

Be sure to use effective birth control. You don’t want to get pregnant before surgery. 

Become a NON SMOKER as soon as you think about having a plastic surgery. The earliest you quit smoking the better to reduce IN/AFTER surgery risks and complications.


4 Weeks  Before

Have a physical evaluation with you family doctor. Make sure he prescribes you a CBC (blood work) and any other test he consider important for your particular case. If you suffer from a specific health condition like (diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, thyroids…) Please consult with your medical specialist to make sure that this health condition is fully controlled and does not represent a risk for your surgery. If you are over 50 years old, we suggest you do a cardiac stress test.

Send your Labs results to your surgeon. Follow his advises in case something needs to be improved before traveling for surgery.

If you are smoker and haven’t quit, please stop now.


3 Weeks  Before

-Start taking IRON pills supplements and Vitamin C.

-Remember to keep a good nutrition and drink a lot of water.


2 Weeks  Before

Discontinue taking certain medication and supplements as listed below:

Stop your Birth Control Pills (BUT DON’T GET PREGNANT)

Aspirin, Ibuprofen or Naproxen (Advil, Motrin, Excedrin, Aleve) and Coumadin ( if take this last, please ask your doctor before stop taking it)

Saw Palmetto
St. John’s Wort
Valerian Root
Any diet pills or herb blends designed to control appetite
Vitamin E
Fish oil


1 Week  Before

-Its time to start preparing your luggage (remember not to go crazy bringing everything that come to your mind).

-Stay away from people or environments that can spread a virus, do not expose yourself to sudden changes in temperature and try to eat lightly (avoid foods that cause intoxication or indigestion). Any viral, digestive, intestinal or pulmonary process could suspend or postpone your surgery. 

-Go to the beauty salon, dye your hair if needed, have a pedicure or manicure but avoid dark nail paints. Wax or shave your body. 

– If you decided to pay trough a bank transfer, please process in this week because sometimes it takes from 3 to 5 business days to show in our account.


The Day Before Traveling 

-Remove piercings at least one day before traveling because you cant have them for surgery so its better to come with out them. 

-The day before your trip: confirm your flight itinerary to our surgery planner,  leave our contact information to a friend or relative. 

-If you are traveling during midnight and your pre-surgical labs are scheduled for the morning after your arrival, please try not to eat during your flight.

Welcome to Dominican Republic: your Plastic Surgery Destination

After several months of preparations, you have finally arrived! Your surgery is just around the corner, we have between 24 and 48 hours to finish the process that precedes your Big Day.


From your arrival at the airport, our team will guide you and make you feel confident. You will have your first interview with Dr. Javier Baez Angles, who will receive you in his office to do your evaluation and confirm the diagnosis previously made based on the photos you sent us. 

Then we will proceed to perform laboratory tests, x-rays and evaluation with the cardiologist and anesthesiologist. (Do not forget to bring a personal identification document). 

At this point, when your surgery has been confirmed and you can complete the payment of your procedure if you have not done so previously by bank transfer. 

Once finished with the pre-surgical requirements, you can go rest so that you can receive your Big Day without stress. 

-Remember not to eat or drink liquids after 9:00 pm the night before.

-Wash your body with antiseptic soap.

-Remove jewelry or piercings.

-Remove dark nail poslish.

-Prepare the bag that you will take to the hospital with comfortable clothes, (preferably loose dress or gowns), slippers, mouthwash or toothbrush and toothpaste, wipes and phone. Leave your package ready for your assistant-care giver to take it to hospital when the surgery is over.