Foreign Patients Traveling Guidelines

When you decide to have your plastic surgery outside the country where you live, many concerns arise along with the typical fear of the unknown. 

In our practice, we receive every week patients coming mostly from the US, Canada and some Caribbean Islands, people of all ages who usually have never been in the Dominican Republic.  

We know that you have many questions and that it is very important for you to receive immediate and personalized answers to all of them. Our pleasure is that you feel safe and confident of having made a good decision. 

Below we share with you some information and suggestions to plan your trip. 

Traveling patients important info: 

If you have already confirmed with our Surgery Planner the availability of the date in which you want to perform your surgery, then it is time to book your flight. When looking for a suitable flight, consider the following: 

You DO NOT need a VISA to travel to the Dominican Republic, but you MUST have a valid PASSPORT. The other requirement for foreigners is to acquire a tourist card at the moment of arriving to the country, which can be purchased at the immigration desk for a value of 10 USD. 

Our nearest airport is STI (CIBAO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT). 

It is recommended that you travel between Monday and Thursday, to be able to perform your pre-surgical exams and complete the process before Friday. (We prefer not to do surgeries on Saturdays). 

If your flight stops, try to choose the one that has a shorter waiting interval between connections, especially on your return trip because you will be convalescing and can be exhausting a long trip.

Some flights arrive at next-day, if it is your case, try to pick one landing between 1 and 3 am, so you can rest a few hours before starting your preoperative process the next morning. 

It is allowed to travel to the DR with up to 10,000 USD in cash. To date, we have not had reported cases of theft or insecurity when traveling to our airport. Most of our patients carry money with them and fortunately they have not felt fear. But if you do not prefer to travel with cash, ask for the option to make a bank transfer at least 10-7 days before your trip. 

If you travel accompanied, please notify our team at the time of reserving your surgical date. Remember that we must book accommodation for your guest and you will be charged an additional lodging rate to yours. 

Our team is responsible not only for helping you plan your surgery journey, we also give you personalized follow-up to make sure you have arrived safely in the country. 

During your journey, keep us informed. If you have access to WIFI at airports, we would appreciate you to keep us informed of any delay or eventuality related to your trip. This way we can be prepared to reorganize your surgical agenda if necessary. 

As soon as you arrive at STI airport, we receive you correctly identified and transport you safely to the recovery house or to the hospital to begin the evaluation process. An assistant will accompany and guide you during the pre surgical exams process.

Finally, but not least: Light baggage trip!

One of the most frequent questions among patients is: What should I take for my surgery? Some begin to prepare their luggage up to a month in advance and go crazy buying a number of things that, in our case, are unnecessary.

If you have chosen our services, do not worry! We have made sure that your surgical experience is pleasant. The only thing you need to bring in your suitcase is:

-Comfortable and fresh clothes, that is easy to put on or take off.
-Sanitary Towels
-Skin Wipes
-Anticeptic Soap
-Shaving Razors
-Tooth Brush/ Paste
-A device to be communicated (Smart phone, Laptop, Tablets).

Our surgery plans are configurable, you can choose one with everything included and not worry about anything else other than having a successful recovery.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and we have set out to make your surgical journey a safe and successful experience. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need assistant for booking your flight. CLICK HERE AND LET US KNOW! OUR PATIENT CARE TEAM WE’ LL BE MORE THAN GLAD TO HELP YOU!