A flat, smooth, non sagging ab is the desire of men and women. But what causes abdominal flab?

The loss of natural elasticity of the skin in the abdominal region may be caused by excessive gain or loss of weight or by multiple pregnancies.

Abdominoplasty is not intended to reduce weight, but to shape the abdomen that was altered and has lost the natural contour.


Patients with excess fat and skin on the belly, as well as muscle flaccidity. This procedure is usually indicated for women who had children or who suffered marked weight loss causing excessive sagging.


Dissection of the skin of the abdominal region with plication (point of approach) in the abdominal rectus muscles with the removal of excess skin. This is usually accompanied by liposuction in localized areas.


In some patients there is little spare skin, in this case the miniabdominoplasty is performed, where the incision is the size of a cesarean cut.


Located above the pubic hair, usually in the bikini line and its extension depends on the amount of skin removed.

Type of anesthesia:

epidural or general.


2.5 to 3 hours.

Hospitalization time:

typically 1 day.